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We understand the importance of quick turn-around for appraisal services. Each appraisal report is also written with the intended use and the user fixed firmly in mind, putting ourselves in the mortgage underwriter's shoes. Requests from underwriters for additional information or explanation are rare, even with our high volume. We intimately know and understand FNMA and HUD/FHA guidelines. We strive to prepare the appraisal correctly thereby saving time, aggravation, cost AND your valued borrower.


You can trust that we will provide the highest professionalism and courtesy to your borrower when scheduling the appointment for inspection and when we interview them about their home. We are always happy to review the completed report with them, with your permission. We are proud of our reputation of being punctual at the time of the appointment. Our membership with the Tallahassee Board of Realtors allows us to carry lock box keys, thereby eliminating any inconvenience to sellers and Realtors.


Some of our regular lender clients include: BB&T Mortgage, Capital City Bank, CU Members Mortgage, Envision Credit Union, First Commerce Credit Union, FSU Credit Union, SunTrust Mortgage and Wells Fargo.




Are you listing a complex property in a complex market? Is your CMA indicating a wide range of price? We are eager to help you. Many sellers have been persuaded to obtain an actual appraisal so as to avoid under pricing or over pricing their homes. An actual appraisal is a valuable marketing tool, putting a potential buyer on notice that the seller is completely informed about the value of their house, reducing wasted time and anxiety caused by low offers and counter-offers.


Know the product that you are selling! Do not rely on square footage estimates obtained from the tax rolls or the seller. Other than location, square footage is the most important factor in valuation. If the house actually measures out as having more square footage than is indicated on public record, you are doing a great injustice to the seller and to yourself. Don't leave money on the table by selling a house that is actually larger than you think, or incur troubles when the appraisal does not meet the contract sale price because the house is smaller than what you thought. Protect yourself from future liability, as well.


We offer house measuring services, so that the actual square footage is documented. We do not "round" the dimensions or "square-up" angled or curved walls like county property appraiser, nor do we "guess" as to the size of upper level rooms by standing outside. We make full interior inspections, noting all clerestory areas and finished attic spaces, dormers and bays. You will be provided with a building sketch showing all measurements, room layout and break down of square footage calculations associated documents in the MLS listing and include it in your display at the house. Typical measuring costs are $50 to $100, depending on the size and design complexity of the house. We will even credit the measuring fee to the cost of a future appraisal ordered on the subject property by you or by the seller!

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